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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is child-care available?

Child-care is available for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.  A dedicated paid child-care provider and volunteers staff the nursery during worship.  Children also are welcome to attend worship with their families.  Worship bags (containing colored pencils and paper) are available for children attending worship with their families.  Ask an usher for one.

Beginning with first graders, children may attend “Children and Worship”, a program that helps them learn how to participate in worship.  Following the Children’s Message, those attending this program leave the sanctuary with volunteer leaders of the program.   Prayer, singing (using a hymnal), locating the scripture verses in the Bible, and a Bible story are a part of this program.  All children are welcome.

What do I wear on Sunday morning?

Basically, come as you are!  Really! (just please, wear clothes)  We have folks who wear jeans and a t-shirt as well as others who dress in a suit and tie.  However you feel comfortable to worship, we welcome you!

Who can take communion?

We believe that holy communion is a way of experiencing God’s grace and presence, and that all who wish to receive are invited (children too!).  We celebrate what is called an open table where we welcome all who desire a deeper relationship with Jesus to come and experience God’s grace.  You don’t have to be a member, sign a pledge card, or stand up in front of people to be introduced.  Just come as you are!  We typically have communion on the first Sunday of each month and every Sunday throughout Lent (the weeks before Easter) and Advent (the weeks before Christmas).

Do you baptize children?

Yes, we baptize children as a recognition of their acceptance into the body of Christ. We believe that the act of baptism is a celebration of God’s grace, generously extended to us from the very start of life. One of the joys and mysteries of God’s compassion is that we are recipients of divine love well before we are ever aware of it. We also recognize any previous baptism in a Christian church and do not practice re-baptism. Once the grace of God has been extended to us, it remains with us no matter our understanding or recognition of it. If you have more questions about baptism or are interested in baptizing yourself or your children, please contact Pastor Dillon.

Can we get married here?

First of all, congratulations!  We would be honored to host your wedding ceremony at MUMC.  Since we believe that marriage is a sacred bond and therefore a serious commitment for both individuals involved, we do require that couples who wish to be married in our church participate in premarital counseling with Pastor Dillon or Deacon Tina.  It is for this reason that we ask all weddings to be scheduled at least three months in advance.  We also require that Pastor Dillon or Deacon Tina officiate at all wedding ceremonies at the church.  If uncle Joe is a clergy person that you would like involved, they are welcome to do so at the invitation of our appointed clergy.  Feel free to contact the church office or Pastor Dillon for details on cost, deposit to secure date, and answers for other questions you may have!