All Saints’ Day At-Home Kit

For this year’s All Saints’ Day, celebrated on Sunday, November 1, we’re excited to offer a creative way to participate in remembering the saints during our live stream worship with All Saints Day at-home kits! Each kit will include a prayer/instruction card as well as a candle, which we’ll light together during the service. The at-home kits can be picked up any time on Friday and Saturday from the bin outside the parking lot entrance to the church.

If you’re not local, you can easily create a kit of your own by getting a candle and printing the card linked below!

The body of Christ always spans the whole of heaven and earth — and this year will be a special opportunity to remember that there is no distance, whether from one living room to another or from this world to the next, that can separate those who are united in the Spirit of God. Thanks for joining us in worship on this All Saints’ Day!