Advent Wreath Instructions

As we worship from all over this year, you’re invited to join us in using an Advent wreath to mark down the weeks leading up to Christmas! Advent wreaths can be purchased from a number of places including online retailers and even many local stores or easily made at home.

The primary components of an Advent wreath are five candles, four smaller for each Sunday and then one larger for Christmas Eve. Traditionally, the Christmas Eve candle is white while the four smaller candles include 3 purple and 1 pink candle. When making your own, you can use any shape and color candles you can find!

Additionally, the candles are often placed in a wreath which can be made of any greenery or garland you have available. For stability and portability, you might consider placing (or gluing!) the candles on a plate and wrapping the greenery around the outside.

Finally, add any creative decorations you’d like (ribbon, holly, etc) and place somewhere in your house! We’ll share in lighting the wreaths each week in worship, including a word of instruction on which candles are being lit each week and what they represent. Join us in worship any Sunday at 10:30am on our YouTube page at Happy Advent!