Text Message Security Reminder

Similar to our reminder earlier this year regarding spam email messages, we have become aware that there have been spam text messages sent claiming to be from Pastor Dillon and asking for a favor. This message, and others like it, are an attempt to scam the receiver, often requesting money or a gift card. Not only will Pastor Dillon not ask for money by text message, it is church policy for all financial gifts to be directed to the church and never an individual.

Pictured below is a screenshot of the text message sent to a church member and a few indicators that help reveal its fraudulent nature.

A few things to notice:

  1. The phone number is not Pastor Dillon’s cell and does not have a local area code.
  2. The writing does not match Pastor Dillon’s usual style, including that he does not typically sign his name at the end of a text message.
  3. The sense of urgency seems unusual, particularly for a text message; for a truly urgent need, Pastor Dillon would call.

As always, if you ever have any question about a text message or email claiming to be from Pastor Dillon or any church staff or leaders, it is best to contact them or the church office directly for confirmation of its legitimacy.