August 2, 2020

Worship August 2, 2020

Passage: Genesis 32:22-31, Matthew 14:13-21
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Bible Text: Genesis 32:22-31, Matthew 14:13-21 | Preacher: Tina Zimmerman | Series: Wrestling with God | This Sunday, we were delighted to have Deacon Tina Zimmerman leading us in worship! As a pre-recorded service, prayer requests were not shared verbally on the livestream but instead through the live chat feature on YouTube where they could be prayed over by our whole church community.

Sermon Description: Have you ever been caught in a wrestling match with God? In a reflection on the Genesis story of Jacob’s own tussle with God, Deacon Tina invites us to find the ways we might be running from our past and get caught and re-named by God!