Sharing the Peace of Christ                                                                                   

Hymn  The King of Love My Shepherd Isv.1-2,4,6(UMH 138)

Opening Prayer

God of all people and places,
who leads us in paths of faith,
and draws us toward one another:

Open our hearts to see the stranger,
to grow past difference to understanding.
Reveal to us our shared humanity,
bound together in your good creation.
Show us the similarity of our joys and burdens,
so we might share the weight of them together.

Guide us in love, we pray.

Hymn  Just as I Am, Without One Plea, v.1,3,5-6(UMH 357)

Children’s Message  

Children’s Hymn  Jesus Loves Me, v.1 (UMH 191)

Scripture Monologue 

Hymn  Just as I Am, Without One Plea, v.1(UMH 357)

Gospel Reading  John 4:1-36    

Leader: The word of God for the people of God.
All: Thanks be to God.

Message  All Belong

Hymn  Help Us Accept Each Other(UMH 560)

Giving Our Tithes and Offerings                                                                         

Doxology   (UMH 94)

Prayer of Thanksgiving 

   Loving God, teach us to trust in your living water,
   and open our eyes to the depths of your love.

   Teach us to welcome all people,
   and help us live in community together.

   May these gifts be used to do your will,
   sharing your living water with a thirsty world.


Prayers of the People                                                                                             

The Lord’s Prayer   (UMH 895)

Sending Forth The Church’s One Foundation, v. 1-3,5 (UMH 545)