Sharing the Peace of Christ 

Gloria Patri  (UMH 71)       

Call to Worship

Leader:  Let us lift up the name of our God!

People: Let us praise the faithfulness of the Lord!

Leader:  God’s greatness fills the heavens.

People: The Lord’s love embraces the earth.

Leader: The Spirit of God preserves our life in the midst of troubles.

All:       Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. Amen.

Hymn  Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise (UMH 103)

Pastor’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer (UMH 895)

Children’s Message

Hymn  Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness  (FWS 2120)

Scripture Reading  1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Leader: The word of God for the people of God.
All: Thanks be to God.

Message  Because of the Spirit

Hymn  We Are the Church  (UMH 558)

Prayer of Confession

Jesus, we want to be like you. Yet, many times we fall short. May your Holy Spirit pour out on us to nurture and guide us. Help us when we fail. Make us holy from the inside out. Amen. 

Giving Our Tithes and Offerings                                                                         

Doxology   (UMH 94)

Prayer of Thanksgiving 

Loving Father, you powerfully fill the voids in our lives. You reveal your compassionate grace by the simple act of always being present. You quietly walk with us when we feel alone and fill us with the power of your redeeming spirit. Combine this offering with others, that we may work together to make a difference in the world. In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.   

Prayers of the People                                                                                             

Sacrament of Holy Communion
    Confession and Pardon  (UMH 12)

    The Great Thanksgiving                   

    Sharing the Bread and Cup

Sending Forth One Bread, One Body (UMH 620)